Diwali — Friday,09-November-2007

We had a very good time for this Diwali in Hyderabad.Three days disappeared so fast :-((
Reached Hyderabad on Friday.Spent most of the time at home.Met Chiru.And evening with crackers.

Saturday went to Chilkur Balaji Darshan.Darshan went very well.Met Sriniwas unexpectedly at Spencers in Miyapur when me and bobby were busy searching for something.Night Pav Bhaji at Lakshmi aunt’s home.

Sunday went busy with packing up our luggage.

Same MMTS and same Kacheguda Express. We were in Bangalore this morning.

This Diwali was definitely not like many other Diwalis I spent in the past.

And I am very sure, future Diwalis will be much more brightful for us.

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